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The Merovingian is so totally Satan...

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St. Genesius of Rome
31 December 1987
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Not-so-typical Canadian University student on mission to single handedly raise the ratings of the Colbert Report and Daily Show on a nightly basis. Spread the love, people. I'm a little bit TDS/TCR, a little bit Strangers With Candy fan, a little bit magician-lover, a little bit collector, a little bit Sherlockian, a little bit Britcom devotee, a little bit Steve Carell / Alan Rickman obsessive, a little bit M*A*S*H / Dr. Who / Harry Potter fan, a little bit Trekkie, a little bit Vulcan, a little bit politician, a little bit comedienne, a little bit crazy, a little bit icon maker and a little bit giant slash enthusiast fan fiction writer.

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but I'd love to have you aboard the crazy train that is me.
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